For road trippers, nature lovers, and adventurers.

Happy Trails is a tiny store located near the fork of Jordan Rd. and Highway 89A, but don’t let its size fool you: this shop is packed with t-shirts to remember your Sedona trip by. We carry t-shirts for everyone, whether your family is on a road trip, you're a nature lover visiting an old favorite destination, or you're an adventurer looking to celebrate your latest hike. 


Our shirts range from colorful novelty t-shirts for kids to charming t-shirts for adults, with multiple designs that feature Sedona's iconic Cathedral Rock. You won't find t-shirts like ours anywhere else in Uptown.

Happy Trails is an essential pit stop on your trip to Sedona. Pick up a variety of stylish t-shirts that celebrate Sedona's beauty and show off your love for nature. Our little store is sure to lift your spirits and send you home with a smile, whether longtime hiker or just passing through.